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Help inserts for the ukrain refugees

After the russian attack on the ukrain are already over 12 million refugees fled, according to the United States of these have 5 Million fled abroad. Since the beginning of the War the help inserts from Logos for the ukrain refugees are running on top. To assure a fast, sustain and effectively help is LOGOS actively working with lokal organisations. Our LOGOS-Projectcoordinator(/manager) Matthias Floreck traveled within Missions not only to Moldawien, but also to Rumania, Poland and Ukraine to organize project-work for war refugees.


Every donation, every prayer, every employement counts and any use of solidarity for Ukraine is now of great importance. Please support our emergency help action with ur donation. Thank you!


Helping war refugees in Bulgaria

Skyrocketing food prices around the world are hitting the poorest of the poor the hardest. The LOGOS team in Plovidiv, Bulgaria, is providing food to 100 families this summer. A refrigerator filling costs 70 euros. Our "Fill the fridge" campaign benefits war refugees from Ukraine who are housed in Bulgarian families, as well as Christians who live financially at the limit of their existence and Roma families who live in absolute poverty. Please donate to our summer campaign.Thank you.


Help inserts in fight against the hunger


The big famine in Madagascar due to the three-year drought, logos has carry out four great major emergency aid missions to the south of the country. Overall did 10,000 children, women and men benefit from this supply with drinking water, groceries and most importantly fountain food. Also, the proclamation of the Word of God has given people new hope. The last mission took place in January, but the people still need support and prayer.



Justice can be plant

In order to improve food security in the region of Tharaka-Nithi in Kenya, LOGOS has started an agricultural project. For more details follow the link agricultural project.

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Support from mothers and children in the ukrain


About 6 million domestic refugees are depending on the support, help and prayer. LOGOS is also supporting a school in Boryslav (Westukraine), who are taking care of about 120 mothers with their children. Most of them fled from Mariupol. LOGOS makes sure that its taking care of any supply with warm meals by sending financial help.



Action “open your doors” for refugees in Moldawien  


LOGOS starts the action “open your door” and supports permanently 200 refugee families, which have received accommodation in Moldova at families, but they are undergone themselves and receive no government support. Furthermore have we already distribute over 15,000 meals to refugees, we help individuals on the run to Germany and convey private accommodations.



Relief supplies for refugees just at the border


In cooperation with the romanian partner organisation Asociatia Diaspora Locala are help supplies purchased in the small town called Timisoara and delivered to the bordercity of Sighetu Marmatiei in the north.Where a team receives the from the war effected refugees and offers first aid, they are handing out water, groceries, warm drinks, blankets and hygienic articles. Other than that takes our team care of the transport of medications and relief supplies of all kinds to the domestic of Ukraine.



A great day - anniversary celebration 10 +1

With more than 70 visitors LOGOS celebrated its anniversary 10 + 1 in June this year in the Korbach community center. The all-around successful anniversary celebration under the motto "Love is the answer" triggered a consistently positive response from the guests. In between the speeches, moving pictures were played showing a review of the activities of LOGOS as well as touching footage from Ukraine documenting both the destruction and the help on the ground. A greeting from the city of Korbach was conveyed by city councilor Moritz Briehl. The musical Highlighjt Judy Bailey and her husband Patrick Depuhl provided for exuberant mood.

Tanzania and Kenya

Goat-Donation against the hunger war

Overall are the goat-donations improving the Livelihood of 1003 families in our project in Tanzania and Kenya. We thank all goat-donors, who supported our “Määähhry Christmas” action. More details and photos can be found here.


Escape disaster 2021-LOGOS helped out


Century Water Catastrophe from July 2021 is one of the largest natural disasters in Germany's history. Over 180 People died, more than 800 were injured and the property damage went into the billions. LOGOS started a emergency aid action, where the reconstruction is taking into focus but also the Clean up and renovation work, of houses of all kinds in Stolberg and Alt-Ahrweiler, and even the support of an childcare project became true with the help of volunteers. Moreover is LOGOS susceptible supporting financially with a daycare project, which should be rebuilt this year. Upcoming Projects are still in process.