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success stories in 2019


To give a smile to children who would otherwise have to spend Christmas without a present that was the aim of the parcel drive "A Gift of Joy". 1,124 colorfully packaged presents from Waldeck-Frankenberg, Upland and Kassel were distributed by helpers of the Korbach based association LOGOS Global Vision e.V. on 6 December in the Romanian town of Gheorgheni. The recipients were children from four primary schools as well as a children's home permanently supported by LOGOS and a mother-child center in the town on the edge of the Carpathians. Around 500 children received a Christmas present for the first time this year. A heartfelt thank you goes to all supporters of the campaign.

vaccination campaign for Madagascar

In April 2019, LOGOS received a call for help from our project leader Pastor Dauphin from Madagascar: A measles epidemic affected 124,000 people. 1,200 have already died. A miracle: None of the more than 1,000 Christians in the LOGOS project in Ambaiboho is infected, but children were hit all around.


LOGOS launched a quick vaccination campaign for 200 local Christians. Since more donations were received than expected, LOGOS can provide another 200 children with the life-saving vaccine. A vaccine costs 15 Euros. The LOGOS vaccination campaign in Ambaiboho is an important step in securing the health and lives of people. Many thanks for all the gifts and prayers!


Under the motto "Build & Preserve", LOGOS launched donation campaign in March 2019 to build a new day care center in Morogoro. LOGOS supported a Christian day care center, which had been closed since September 2018 by the authorities. The floor space was not sufficient for the number of children and there were no sanitary facilities suitable for children.


Together with Pastor Yohane, LOGOS Project Manager in Tanzania, LOGOS completed the building of the new day care center at the end of April 2019. Now only the funding for the interior and a children’s playground are missing. The new 100 square meter building and the additional sanitary facilities as well as a playground provide a haven of love, protection and care for 45 children. The children are already looking forward to visiting the new kindergarten. Many thanks to all the supporters who made possible the construction of the day care center.


July to August 2019: LOGOS enabled an unforgettable summer holiday for 112 needy children in Romania, Bulgaria, India and Israel.


In four different summer camps the children were able to enjoy carefree times, experience games and fun, have healthy food, sing, do handicrafts and hear God's word of His love and generosity. Many thanks to all supporters of the campaign.


New toilet for family in tanzania

The four-year-old girl Mwana from the LOGOS project country Tanzania lives together with her mother and grandmother in very poor conditions. The father of the family died of malaria two years ago.


Little Mwana suffered from a urinary tract infection that, if left untreated, could lead to kidney failure. Mwana's brother died of this disease exactly one year ago. The disease was triggered by the devastatingly unhygienic conditions at home. A foul-smelling and unsecured hole, surrounded by masses of flies in the middle of the property in front of the mud hut, served as a "sanitary facility".


LOGOS enabled immediate treatment with in-patient stay in a hospital for Mwana. In the meantime, she is feeling better again. Thanks to many donations, LOGOS was also able to build a new sanitary facility for the family. Many thanks to all donors, prayers and supporters.


LOGOS was able to distribute 152 pieces of joy at the start of school to needy children in Romania. The joy about the school bags from Germany was enormous. Many thanks to all school bag donors.