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General situation

With its 60 million inhabitants, the Republic of Tanzania in East Africa is the sixth largest country in Africa. The rural population faces numerous challenges such as disease, poverty and inadequate education. Tanzania is one of the most affected countries by malaria worldwide. Malaria is the most common cause of death among children.

LOGOS activities and social projects

In the heart of Tanzania, about 200 kilometers west of Dar es Salaam, lies the town of Morogoro with about 300,000 inhabitants and the village of Lundi. A total of 70 LOGOS Bible students learn at these two places. The establishment of the Bible schools was financially supported by LOGOS. Most Christians here are so poor that they have to live on less than a dollar per day. But they have a big heart for the kingdom of God and live in their need from faith.


In view of the high mortality rate from malaria, LOGOS distributed over 100 mosquito nets at the beginning of 2017. LOGOS provided immediate relief by distributing the necessary food to combat the acute hunger that prevailed. Since then, permanent help for self-help has been made possible through the cultivation of fruit and vegetables and the procurement of farm animals. Farm animals provide protein-rich food such as milk, eggs, cheese and meat. With the start of a small vegetable and chicken farm, the survival of 220 Christians in Morogoro was secured. In the meantime, even a small sales kiosk was opened. In a parallel goat project, 112 goats have been distributed to Bible students and Christians since the end of 2017. At the end of 2018, LOGOS saved a Christian family from misery and homelessness by building a new house and starting an agricultural project in Lundi.


Construction of a day care center for children

Since the beginning of 2019, LOGOS has been building a day-care center for children in Morogoro. After the authorities had closed the kindergarten of the Mikese church in Morogoro, which is supported by LOGOS, a few months earlier due to insufficient floor space for the number of children and a lack of sanitary facilities suitable for children, a new building was the best solution. The new 100 square meter building and the additional sanitary facilities as well as a playground are to become a nursery of love, protection and care for 45 children. In the evening hours, the LOGOS Bible School building will serve as a facility for training. In April 2019, the building was completed except for the outside facilities.


Support for LOGOS Mission Training Center (LMTC)

The monthly support of a Bible student also helps to complete the one-year study and to support the poorest members of the congregation at the same time. The amount of support can be freely chosen. Every support, even the smallest, helps, especially since only one euro doubles the daily income of a student. With small steps you can achieve great things in Tanzania. We want to build God's kingdom there and strengthen the people whom God has put by our side in body, mind and soul.


Facts & Figures

  • Tanzania is the country with the third highest malaria rate in the world
  • About 30,000 people die of malaria every year in Tanzania alone.
  • LOGOS distributed over 100 mosquito nets as an emergency measure against malaria.
  • A total of 70 pupils study in two LOGOS Bible Schools in Tanzania.
  • Farm project and chicken farm secure food for over 200 Christians.
  • 550 goats have been distributed since the end of 2017 (of which 438 in November & December 2019)


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