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bible schools and prevention work

With its seven million inhabitants, the republic is one of the smaller and at the same time one of the poorest countries in Southeastern Europe. No other country in the world is experiencing a faster and stronger population decline than Bulgaria. The gross national product is still far below the EU average. Corruption is one reason for the country's economic weakness. However, Bulgaria is not only struggling with poverty and corruption. Another major problem is the prevalence of human trafficking. "Modern slavery," as Marina (LOGOS project manager) calls it, "is one of the country's biggest problems. The main goal of LOGOS is to found Bible schools and to do prevention work against human trafficking on the local level. LOGOS is also active in initial reception camps, helps refugees, cares for orphans and organises Christian summer camps for children.

foundation of logos mission training centers

The main objective of LOGOS in Bulgaria is to train students in the Word of God by establishing Bible schools (LOGOS Mission Training Centers). This project is paying off: around 70 percent of the students continue to be involved in spiritual ministries after graduating from the Bible schools. The six Bible schools in Sofia, Plovdiv, Sliven, Karnobat, Pleven, and Yambol have 53 members. Every year in July a practical missionary assignment takes place in various groups in the Rodoppa Mountains in southern Bulgaria.

Raising Awareness against Human Trafficking

A young LOGOS team is active in the fight against organised human trafficking in Bulgaria and carries out preventive work. Marina, LOGOS project manager, gives insights into the current situation in Bulgaria: "Human trafficking is one of the country's biggest problems. Every year 175,000 girls and women from Central and Eastern Europe are trafficked. About 10,000 of them come from Bulgaria alone." This makes the country one of the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of human trafficking problems. The team of the campaign "Eyes open!" helps not only to free people from prostitution, but also to save the girls from a terrible fate by preventive work. Film screenings, interviews with victims, flyers, posters and seminars should contribute to raising awareness. However, this is associated with costs. Everyone can make a contribution to more justice. Please help the girls with a donation.

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help for refugees

In Harmanli, a town in southern Bulgaria, volunteers and students from the Bible schools support new arrivals with clothing, food, baby food and hygiene items. The team also offers counseling and prayer to the often-traumatized refugees from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ghana.


facts and figures on human trafficking

  • About 40 million people worldwide are affected by forced labour, sexual exploitation and child labour.
  • 175,000 girls and women are trafficked from Eastern and Central Europe every year
  • of which about 10,000 from Bulgaria

(Source: ILO and Walk Free Foundation, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime/UNODC)


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