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General situation

Having 240,000 square kilometres and 19.5 million inhabitants, Romania is the largest country in Southeastern Europe. At the same time is one of the poorest countries within the European Union. People in rural areas suffer from low incomes and high cost of living. One in four lives below the poverty line and has to live on less than five Euros a day [1]. LOGOS' aid is thus directed at the marginalised groups of society: the poor, the elderly and single mothers with their children.


LOGOS activities and concerns 

In the town of Gheorgheni with 23,000 inhabitants on the edge of the Carpathians in the North East of the country, the inhabitants suffer from above-average unemployment. LOGOS supports a home for homeless elderly people, a mother-child centre and the private children's home "Below the Rainbow". The mother-child centre offers protection and a home for women and their children who have fled from violence, abuse and deprivation. It is run by Dr. Geza and Terez Jeszenszky and was founded 18 years ago upon the initiative of Mission Director Heinrich Floreck. Both the homeless shelter and the mother-child centre are financially supported by the state. Since these contributions currently cover about a quarter of the costs, it is far from sufficient and sometimes even fluctuates from year to year. In the children's home "Below the Rainbow" orphaned, abused and traumatized children from infancy to adulthood find a home.

The principle of LOGOS Global Vision is to provide holistic help. This is why LOGOS supports the institutions in three areas on a permanent basis:

1. securing livelihood and running costs since 2018

2. psychological care and counseling

3. employment measures

Since June 2015, a counselor hired by LOGOS has been taking care of the emotional distress of the residents and children of the home. 


Social projects and child sponsorships 

In addition, LOGOS carries out individual, recurring campaigns such as the school bag campaign, the summer camp for the children from the children's home and the Christmas package campaign, which was met with a great response in Germany. For example, the mayor of the small town of Korbach, Hesse, has been the patron of the Christmas Package Campaign for several years, in which children from German kindergartens and primary schools, for example, helped their Romanian peers in great poverty with gifts.


Since 2018 LOGOS has started a child sponsorship programme in Gheorgheni and surrounding villages. Often a sponsorship can provide comprehensive and reliable help to secure basic needs such as nutrition, health and education. Further information can be found here.


Please support us in this mission! Your donation helps in the homeless and mother-child centre as well as in the children's home: 

15 Euros make a warm meal possible for one week

20 Euro donate heat for heating the house per day

50 Euro for medical and counseling services

3,000 Euro are needed to finance the home for one month.

28 Euro per month start a child sponsorship


Facts & Figures:

  • Homeless shelter: 26 residents
  • Mother-child centre: 12 residents (5 mothers and 7 children)
  • Children's home: 37 children
  •  Christmas Package Campaign 2019: 1124 Packs of Joy

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[1] Source: Brookings, Donato / Kim, Romania: Thriving cities, rural poverty, and a trust deficit, 5/7/2018


Impressions from the homeless shelter, mother-child centre and children's home

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