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Become a LOGOS Partner

With a sponsorship, you can support LOGOS Global Vision on a regular basis.


Examples of support:

• for a Bible student (about 25 Euro per month)

• for Bible school material (about 10 Euro per month)

• for a monthly fee of the Bible School lessons (about 60 Euro per month)

• for social support to the needy students (from about 15 Euro per month)

• for a counseling therapy for a brother or sister (from about 50 Euro per month)

• for a complete Bible school (average 15 students) (about 375 Euro per month)


As a LOGOS partner you receive:

✓ our prayer support

✓ a thank you present for your sponsorship

✓ a sponsor certificate

✓ regular reports on the current events at Logos (only in German language)

✓ an annual donation confirmation for the tax office and to document your donation (only for German citizens)


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* to date accessible only from within Germany