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faqs: Frequently asked questions

1. Who is LOGOS Global Vision e.V.?


LOGOS Global Vision is a non-denominational Christian association founded on 5 June 2010 and based in

Korbach (Northern Hesse). The aim of LOGOS is to serve people in Germany and worldwide, so that they can experience internal liberation and restoration through a change process of their personality. This is done by means of seminars and one-on-one conversation, as well as through the foundation of LOGOS Bible Schools in Africa, Asia and Europe, which provide basic biblical knowledge and equipping people with theological and missionary training. Through mercy services, LOGOS primarily reaches Christian brethren, some of which live below the poverty line.


2. What does the name LOGOS mean?


LOGOS comes from Greek and means "word". The expression "Logos" is mentioned in the so-called prologue of the Gospel of John as the "Word of God" is used. John 1 verse 1: "In the beginning was the word (LOGOS) and the word (LOGOS) was with God, and the Word (LOGOS) was God."


3. What are the tasks of LOGOS?


The focus of our work is on the person and their well-being. The service of LOGOS is divided into

three areas: Liberation, teaching and giving. Through Individual counseling and prayer, a process of healing and restoration is initiated. Seminars for counseling are held in Germany as well as worldwide. LOGOS founds Bible schools in Africa, Asia and Europe. Through mercy services, LOGOS also reaches believers, some of whom live below the poverty line, thus providing holistic help to the soul, body and spirit.


4. Where does LOGOS work?


The pastoral care seminars take place in various institutions in Germany. The LOGOS Bible schools are currently located in Africa and India. The LOGOS-Association works from Korbach (North Hesse) as well as from our branch office in Bonn.


5. How does LOGOS finance its work?


LOGOS does not receive any public grants and finances its work exclusively from private donations and

monthly funding contributions.


6. How do I become a partner of LOGOS?


You can support LOGOS on a regular basis with a sponsorship contribution. The best way is to grant us

a direct debit authorization right here using the online form, or you can request written documents from us. As LOGOS partner you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a thank you gift, our prayer support and regular reports.


7. How much can or should a grant be?


The grant is a voluntary, regular payment by direct debit or standing order, which you can donate monthly, quarterly or annually. Every contribution is welcome.


8. How are contributions paid?

Donations can be transferred by bank transfer from your bank, or online via this website.


9. What is my contribution used for?


LOGOS uses the donations for counseling tasks, for Bible schools and also to support the people in the vicinity of the Bible schools. If a very specific purpose for a particular project in the project country is indicated, the donation will be forwarded for the intended purpose.


10. Will my donation reach its destination?


Logos Global Vision is committed to using all donations sparingly and with strict adherence to its

purpose. Your donation is guaranteed to benefit its destination.