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IndiA - LOGOS enables health program in leprosy village

The small leprosy village on the outskirts of Balangir is only eight kilometres away from the LOGOS Bible School. Every week the students visit this place, where there is a disease, which is rather attributed to biblical times. People suffering from leprosy have no feeling of pain. Wounds that remain untreated become inflamed and body parts die. The emotional pain, however, remains unimaginably great.

Every year 130,000 people in India fall ill with leprosy. In an estimated 1,000 leprosy colonies, people live isolated. The great pain of exclusion, the power of fear and the lack of self-esteem dominate the lives of those affected. In the leprosy village in Balangir more and more inhabitants come to the weekly Bible lessons and experience God's love and inner healing. The LOGOS Mission wants to start a health programme so that their external wounds also receive enough attention. A team of doctors is to examine the patients, clean and dress the wounds and carry out necessary operations. Other diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria will also be treated. An awareness programme is to reduce the risk of leprosy infection. We need financial support to implement this programme, which will cost almost 3,500 euros. We sincerely thank you for every donation that goes to the service of the outcasts.

September 2012: Bible School scholarship for bitterly poor students in india

97 percent of the people in the Indian city of Balangir have never heard of Jesus Christ.


The Logos Bible School is located in the city of Balangir which has 85,000 inhabitants. Twenty students started their three-year Bible study one year ago - under difficult conditions. Because here in the federal state of Orissa (Odisha) there is the strongest persecution of Christians in India. But the Christians here show neither fear of persecution nor of discrimination. Their biggest enemy at the moment is poverty. Nine Bible students have already had to drop out of their studies prematurely, two more are still struggling with the decision. The reason is that they have to contribute to their families' livelihood and are unable to attend Bible school at the same time, which is free of tuition but time-consuming for them. All students belong to the poorest lower class, some live in mud huts and walk to school. Very few of them own a bicycle.


We want to confront the enemy of poverty. With the help of donations and supporters we want to provide Bible scholarships for the students.

→ A monthly scholarship costs 25 euros.

→ A one-year scholarship costs 270 euros.

→ A three-year scholarship costs 800 euros.


We appreciate any kind of support (also any other amount or prayer). Help us to cover the livelihood of the Bible students so that they can concentrate fully on their spiritual education. Help us and make people disciples of Jesus.