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LOGOS Misson Training Centers (LMTC)

One of the highest goals of the LOGOS mission is the foundation of Bible schools worldwide, which impart basic biblical knowledge and provide people with theological and missionary training.


There are currently 39 Bible schools in 12 countries with 727 students. The schools last one to three years and serve as multipliers of the Word of God. You can find more information about the individual schools in the mission projects.



South Africa, 17 schools with 342 students

Bulgaria, 6 schools with 53 students

Tanzania, 2 schools with 70 students

Kenya, 1 school with 15 students

Zambia, 2 schools with 35 students

Zimbabwe, 2 schools with 60 students

Botswana, 1 school with 25 students

India, 4 schools with 30 students

Madagascar, 1 school with 52 students

Swaziland, 1 school with 15 students

Lesotho, 1 school with 20 students

Ethiopia, 1 school with 10 students


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quotes about our bible school work

Here are some quotes from our Bible students from India and Bulgaria:


"The weekly classes equip me to follow the example of Jesus. My knowledge horizon is broadened and I gain a deeper understanding in the Word of God. I am highly motivated to put in practice what I have learned." Avhinash H.


"I benefit greatly from this training. Now I am more focused and clearer and more encouraged." Mousumi N.


“This weekly training has brought many changes to my life, the theme of 'In Christ' was one of the best and most important courses I have ever visited, the most precious and beautiful place anyone can ever find in Christ." Pratyush K.


“LOGOS-Bible School helped me to understand the Bible in a deeper way and to see the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom. I learned a very important thought “Think globally, act locally”. Danail K.


“One topic I like most is mission. It helped me to understand that God has called me to serve HIM and make disciples from all nations. Please pray for me to fulfil God’s calling in my life.” Dimiter M.

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